Aircraft Lien Clearing

Aircraft lien clearing is a crucial process in the aviation industry and a pillar of IATS’ services. IATS works hard to ensure a smooth transfer of aircraft ownership. A valid lien on an aircraft creates a “cloud on the title,” hindering the sale or purchase of the aircraft. In our experience, some owners are unaware that their titles are clouded. It could be as simple as a lien was never released, a bill of sale signed incorrectly, or filed with incorrect information.

Our expertise in this process allows us to tackle even the most complex situations. Even in more complicated situations, we have the same end goal – clearing the title as quickly as possible while ensuring it is done correctly. We complete title searches to determine what is involved and what needs clearing. After reviewing the file, we present possible solutions to our client.

Understanding Aircraft Liens

Aircraft liens are filed for several reasons. These liens can cause complications for both buyers and sellers during an aircraft transaction.

Conducting a Thorough Title Search

The first step in lien clearing is to conduct a Title Search with the FAA. The title search helps identify existing liens or other claims against the aircraft.

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