Special Aircraft Registration Numbers Reservation and Assignment

At Insured Aircraft Title Service (IATS), we understand the significance of aircraft registration numbers, or “tail numbers.” Aircraft registration numbers are vital identifiers to distinguish individual aircraft globally. In certain situations, aircraft owners may desire a special registration number or may want to transfer their current registration number. Aircraft owners can also change the standard registration number on their aircraft to a number with some special significance.

Seeking Special Registration Numbers with IATS

IATS offers specialized services to help aircraft owners secure special registration numbers for their planes. Our team understands that personalized registration numbers can reflect the owner’s individuality or commemorate significant aspects of the aircraft.

The Process of Obtaining Special Registration Numbers

IATS may assist in preparing and submitting a formal request to the FAA on your behalf. 

Reasons for Special Registration Numbers

Aircraft owners may seek special registration numbers for a variety of reasons:

  1. Personalization: Express your individuality by incorporating initials, meaningful dates, or other personalized elements into your aircraft’s registration number.
  2. Commemoration: Honor historical events or significant occasions by obtaining special registration numbers that reflect their importance.
  3. Promotion: Businesses or organizations can showcase their brand or cause on the aircraft’s exterior through special registration numbers.
  4. Significant Milestones: Celebrate anniversaries or achievements by assigning special registration numbers to your aircraft.

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